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We are so excited that you will be attending one of the tour stops of Scott McKay’s Patriot Streetfighter.

You will NOT be receiving a physical ticket to enter the event. We will have your name (the one that was used in Paypal to purchase the ticket) at the registration desk. Each of the participants will be required to show photo ID to enter.

We are lining up some amazing Special Guest speakers, including names like Mel K, Dr. Kirk Elliott, Jason Sisneros, the Mama Bears, Joe Oltmann and Sacha Stone (via live streaming). Check back to the specific location details for updates on speakers.

No outside food or drink
No backpacks (purses are permitted)
Photography is permitted but no professional photography equipment


We know plans changes. Full refunds are available prior to the event by contacting us at [email protected] No refunds will be provided on the day of the event unless the it is cancelled due to conditions beyond our control.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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